Fraser Island Australia – Emerging Billfish Destination

The following is a guest post provided by Australia’s and Barry Alty. Owner of ‘Mistress’, a tournament winning charter boat captained by Brett Alty (Barry’s son), Alty provides a sneak peak at an emerging destination that boasts the possibility of superslams and large blue marlin. At this one to the list of destinations.


Fraser island, located of Australia’s eastern Queensland coast is a National Park with rainforests and inland lakes of varying hues. Stretching nearly 75 miles, Fraser Island is the largest sand island in the world.

How To Get There.

Hervey is the step off point for Fraser island. It has well serviced airport, a range of hotels, motels and restaurants, and he’s an easy four hour drive from Brisbane, Queesland’s capital city. It is a 4WD Paradise accessible by barge from the nearby town of Hervey Bay.

The Fishing

Fishing Fraser island is most popular during the month between July and October. Local something have tagged and released juvenile black marlin up to 30 a day, near the northern end of Fraser Island just outside of the Breaksea Spit.

The established juvenile black marlin fishery has recently been supplemented by the discovery of a well rounded adult marlin fisheries as well. Borders are marked by the presence of something and multiple species of marlin. Lose averaged around 400lb with our best to date circa 700lb. The stripes have ranged from 240 – 300lb. They climb on like something of this tap tap nonsense!

Any place where you can catch an average and nearly 3 marlin a day is a fantastic something fishery. What makes it even more incredible is that there are four species available with blues of blacks being the most predominant, follow by stripes and Pacific sailfish.

The ‘Mistress’, skippered by Captain Brett Alty who has driven game boats in Perth and something Coast in Australia, has explored the water’s offshore Fraser island. Captain Brett says “I’ve never seen anything like this, so many spaces available and blues and blacks in big numbers by any standard. There will definitely be a Grander Blue here somewhere.”

‘Mistress’ began fishing again off Fraser island beginning of March 2017. The day before his birthday, in December, we tagged our 100th blue marlin for the season (which started in something 2017). As of March 2018, the boats total was 136 marlin.

The Mistress is our family affair. Captain Brett Alty is Barry’s son. According to Barry Brett’s present for his father will be a grander blue. We hope its a good birthday forward to reporting the present! ITB

Captain Brett Alty Top Release Captain Black & Blue Marlin Pacific Ocean

Mistress and Captain Brett Alty have received the award for top release Captain Black Marlin Pacific Ocean by the Billfish Foundation.

All of the black marlin were caught in the Cairns Great Barrier Reef heavy tackle Black Marlin season by the guests that chartered Mistress in 2012.

We still have dates/days available for charter for the Cairns black marlin season this year.

With all the pressure being put on the Great Barrier Reef and Cairns fishery by the Green Movements, it is looking quite possible that the marlin fishing fleet will be closed out from fishing for the Giant Black Marlin in this area in the forseable future, so we urge anglers to take the opportunity to book fishing trips now to make the most of the fishing in this area while it is still available.

Captain Brett Alty and Mistress were also awarded the top release captain for Blue Marlin in the Pacific Ocean.

All of these blue marlin were caught on the Gold Coast (1 hour south of Brisbane).  The Gold Coast has always been one of the worlds best blue marlin fisheries, although it is not commonly known.

Captain Brett Alty and Mistress’s best blue marlin day saw 11 blues and one striped  marlin released between the hours of 8:30 and 4:30.


Barry Alty awarded Champion Angler Overall 2011/2012

The Queensland Game Fish Association Inc. (QGFA) has awarded Barry Alty with the “Champion Angler Overall” for the most tagged & released billfish for 2011/2012.  He was awarded a sensational trophy by the QGFA during the last QGFA AGM, in Mooloolaba, that was graciously accepted on his behalf by the Gold Coast Game Fish Club Inc. attendees.  Barry’s efforts & achievements for Queensland Game Fishing this year have not gone unnoticed and he is duly deserving of this award.

Barry Alty Top Release Black Marlin Angler 2011:TBF

The Billfish Foundation has released it’s winner for 2011.  Mistress‘ Barry Alty has won the Top Angler Black Marlin for the Pacific Ocean, once again! Captain Brett Alty has put Barry on to the Giant Black Marlin in Cairns in large numbers.  All of the black marlin released by Barry this year were in the Cairns Giant Black Marlin fishery, with two of the Black Marlin estimated to be over 1000lb.  Congratulations to Barry and the Team on Mistress: Captain Brett Alty and crew Jonathan Lawrence and Rodney Van Der Heide.