All Tackle All Species Tournament – March 3-4

Mistress fished the Surfers Paradise All tackle Tournament on 3/4 March. The weather was ordinary and 31 boats fished.

The winning boat got 2 blue marlin. On board Mistress, we were one of 7 boats that tagged one.

Blue Bonanza

We arrived back on the Gold Coast after the Cairns Season the first week in December. After a couple of weeks cleaning up the boat and attending to minor maintenance issues we started fishing for Blue Marlin on 13th Dec.

On our first day out we went 2 from 2, both on lures which is our usual method of fishing for Blue Marlin. We thought that was pretty good. In Dec/Jan we did a total of 11 days fishing for Blue Marlin and got 10. What was interesting was that 3 of our first 5 fish were 450, 450, and 550lbs respectively. This seemed to indicate that we might have some big fish around this year and that was borne out when another boat weighed one at 836lb!

We fished the Gold Coast Tournament in January. Around 34 boats entered. The winning boat got 3, and we were among four boats with 2. Unfortunately we wound up 4th on a time count back.

The current has been raging at up to 3knts and we are finding that there are marlin over quite a wide area, rather than being concentrated in one spot which often seems to be the case when there is less current.

Nevertheless we are not in peak Blue Marlin period yet and the season is already looking like one of the best for years.

Mistress New Website

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BlueWater Magazine Boat Test – July/August 2001

By David Lockwood

You’ll fall in love with this Mistress – and it need not be under cloak-and-dagger secrecy. That’s right, even the wife would approve of such an extramarital affair of the heart. thus it was love at first sight for David Lockwood, who was charmed by the physical chemistry of this kiwi built gameboat.

A fighting chair, pair of riggers and teak deck don’t make a gameboat. The mark of a battlewagon these days seems to be, err, a five-star designer finish. Marble and granite, leather or Alcantara,

Italian chrome fittings and Art Deco or Aztec themes are all the rage. Add a plasma-screen television, a spread of whizzbang electronics, a couple of big diesels and a paid skipper -and there you have it.

Not so Mistress. A real gamefishing boat, it has no chintzy finishes; designer line~, imported toilet-brush holders, or interior decorator-driven fittings. Far from being a motel afloat, Mistress is a shrine to real fishing boats. It has timber joinery, brass portholes, overhead racks swinging heavy-tackle outfits… And it has romance.

Inside, the custom-made 49-footer exudes a traditional feel almost reminiscent of one of Bob and Dolly Dyer’s gracious old gameboats. But at the same time, the NZ-built Mistress packs the latest electronics and fishing gear including, need I say, a fighting chair, pair of riggers and teak deck.

Whichever way you look at it, Mistress is a good-looking gameboat. There’s no mistaking the sexy Carolina lines derived from a gentle flare in the bow, a hard chine and two strakes underwater, and a sheer that melts into the transom like a knob of butter on a slice of hot toast. And there’s no mistaking this is a handcrafted gameboat built with a lot of nous.

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