Some of our videos

“Mistress” is equipped with three fixed cameras which are recording all day to three HD Digital Video Recorders and at the end of each trip our guests have a DVD with everlasting memories of their experience.

Footage of a Blue Marlin from on board Mistress off the Gold Coast 17 March 2012.

Footage from on board Mistress during the 2011 Yorkey’s Knob Makaira Bullfight Tournament

This is Mistress’ second win in three attempts at the Yorkey’s Knob Fishing Club hosted Makaira Bullfight.

The team tagged two big fish at 700 and 800lbs to mark the win, but another highlight was the one that ‘got away’. Although we could not get a tag in the fish to count for the tournament, it was a great fight and an outstanding fish. We fought the fish, estimated in excess of 1200lbs, for over two hours with over 75lbs of drag.

Footage from the final trip of the 2011 season on board Mistress

This footage was filmed on Mistress’ final trip of the 2011 season – which was one of the best.

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